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Notebook A5 | Dusty Pink |...

Notebook A5 | Dusty Pink |...

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Notebook A5 | Dusty Pink | Blank

Made from recycled stone, it’s the world’s first climate-positive notebook. The water-proof, naturally white stone paper has no grain direction, resulting in a silky-smooth writing experience.

Sometimes, innovation can challenge our assumptions

Natural Grass Pen Wheat Beige

Natural Grass Pen Wheat Beige

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Our Natural Grass Pen is one of a kind. You see, most of the pens out there are terrible for the environment, made from the worst kind of plastics. We spent half a year designing and developing our Natural Grass Pen, which is made using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics.

Color : Wheat Beige

NOTE: The price is for 1 pen only and not for the bundle of 4

Soy Ink color: Blue

AGOTADO - iPhone 11 Pro
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AGOTADO - iPhone 11 Pro

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A Good Mobile Case iPhone 11 Pro  - Pomegranate Red

0% plastic. 100% design. 
Our fashionable phone case is made in Sweden from linseed plant waste grown by a local farmer not far away from our headquarters. It is 100% back yard compostable - truly eco-friendly without compromising on design. Cases can be swapped and recycled at any time via our circularity program. We also plant one tree per case sold.

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